Afri Ontsnapt

Afri ontsnapt Concept | art direction | film | Fashion Design The project Afri Ontsnapt (escapes) is inspired by the Afrikaanderpark in the South of Rotterdam. The garment creates a dialogue about various insights and relevant issues around the Afrikaanderpark and the inhabitants of the Afrikaanderwijk. Willem de Kooning Academie, 2021Photography: Maartje Mestrini The garment …

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Nederland Bedankt

Nederland Bedankt concept | branding | Book design Together with volunteer journalists, photographers and designers, we worked on Nederland Bedankt during the first lockdown. For sixteen weeks, three “heroes” will be nominated each week, who will be interviewed and photographed, resulting in 48 unique stories and photos. In addition, many more beautiful images and other …

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Henry’s Gin

Henry’s Gin Concept | branding Henry’s Gin, Curacao’s first original gin. Henry van der Kwast’s story about the creation of Henry’s Gin inspired me to create the logo and label.Henry’s ancestors have lived on the island since 1659 and were involved in the development of Senior Genuine Curaçao Liqueur (1896). Henry’s Gin is distilled in …

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Spiral of being Silenced

spiral of being silenced Concept | virtual reality experience An interactive environment that metaphorically shows the effects of our online social behavior, inspired on the Spiral of Silence theory. Willem de Kooning Academie, 2021 Insight The Spiral of Silence Theory by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann. The theory focuses on the fear of those in minority to speak …

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