the surprise of the egg

Concept | Short film

The Surprise of The Egg project connects emotional and symbolic value to a Kinder Surprise Egg.

The concept is based on the insight that The Kinder Surprise egg is illegal in America and 3 related property rights based on the subject “borders beyond one’s control”. Association with the wall at the American border and the big racism problem that prevails here. The current Corona pandemic as a confirmed border through isolation, in combination with the egg slicer, visually strengthens these 3 related property rights.

Willem de Kooning Academie, 2020

Borders beyond one's control

Egg slicer

The blinds of my room (during quarantine)

Wall between America and Mexico

"Since you were born, we are equal."

The egg that symbolizes “the beginning”.
The egg shell has a brown and white color, which stands for "evenness".
The act of opening the egg, is translated to "open up" and come together, empowerment.

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"Open up, breaking boundaries, make an impact.
And I bet you'll be surprised."

Behind the scenes

Film process

Light/dark- and material research

Photography & retouching process

Inspiration "Egg of Fabergé"

Concept interactive room

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