Nederland Bedankt

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Together with volunteer journalists, photographers and designers, we worked on Nederland Bedankt during the first lockdown.

For sixteen weeks, three "heroes" will be nominated each week, who will be interviewed and photographed, resulting in 48 unique stories and photos. In addition, many more beautiful images and other creative expressions will be processed in the book that show what the Netherlands looked like during corona. In this way we can look back with pride and the next generation has a complete picture of this bizarre, sometimes surreal, special period. The book was released in December 2020.

As a sign of gratitude, the total proceeds go to the ZWiC Foundation. This is a support fund for healthcare providers who have become ill for a long time due to corona.

#SchrijfSamenGeschiedenis #WriteHistoryTogether

Voluntary work, 2020
Concept, design advertisement - Andrea Volkers, Loïs Weeber
Book design - Andrea Volkers, Loïs Weeber in collaboration with Dickhoff Design

"We would like to put a smile on the faces of these unsung heroes. Not only do we want to thank them, but we also want to show everyone that good deeds don't go unnoticed and hope to inspire others too."

Mark Rutte - Prime Minister of the Netherlands

Photography: Kevin Kwee

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